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Let me vote UK – 22 May 2014

“Following the European Elections 2014 in the UK on 22 May 2014 we are concerned that there have been many reports of EU citizens in the UK not being able to vote in the elections.

Many who thought they had registered to vote, were turned away at polling stations being told they were not on the list for EP2014.”

Joint statement by LetmevoteUK about EP2014 issues in UK

Sturdy Alex – 22 May 2014

“When I went to vote earlier I was only given a ballot for the local election. When I queried this, I was told that there was an additional form I had not returned. I received no such form. On the contrary I received a letter listing the names in my household and their nationality and told that if this was correct I needed to do nothing further. I thought this was just me, until I started digging about it on twitter. Here are the disturbing reports”

Non-British EU citizens denied a vote in European Parliamentary Election – 22 May 2014

“My wife was handed only a voting slip for the local election and told that she couldn’t vote in the EU election. Even when we protested – and pointed out that she was an EU citizen and therefore allowed to vote in EU elections – they stuck to their guns. “There’s a ‘G’ against her name” they insisted. “Yes, that stands for ‘German’. Germany is in the EU, and EU citizens are entitled to vote in European Elections.” we patiently explained. “Yes but our rules say that ‘Gs’ aren’t allowed to vote in EU elections” they responded; “We don’t write the rules, we just have to follow them.” they added helpfully.”

Are Bradford Metropolitan District Council (and others) Denying the Vote to their EU Residents?

Liberal-Democrats (UK) – 23 May 2014

“I am writing to express my deep concerns following reports from a considerable number of non-British EU citizens resident in the UK concerning their right to vote at yesterday’s European elections. ”

Open letter to the Electoral Commission concerning registration procedures for non-UK EU citizens at the European elections

Occupy London – 23 May 2014

“Many Europeans living in the UK reported being knocked back for not having the correct paperwork.

It could be massive bureaucratic bungle or a targeted attack on democracy. Either way an action group is forming tomorrow to see if anything can be done about it.”

Did some bureaucratic oddity stop you from voting yesterday?

Huffington Post UK – 23 May 2014

EU citizens are being denied the right to vote in European elections by confused polling station staff and incomprehensible bureaucratic requirements, campaigners have said.”

European Elections 2014 Results: EU Citizens Claim UK Denied Them A Vote

The Independent – 23 May 2014

Swathes of European citizens living in Britain were turned away from the ballot box in the European elections on Thursday despite registering as voters and having polling cards.”

‘Go and vote in your own country’: Evidence of non-British EU citizens turned away at the polls despite being on electoral roll 23 May 2014

“Following discussions with New Europeans, the European Commission  (Justice Department) are to investigate cases of European expat voters being denied the vote in last week’s European elections.

Hundreds of cases have already been reported of EU expat voters arriving at polling stations to be told that they were not eligible to vote despite having registered. It is feared that the cases may run into the thousands.”

European Commission to investigate #VoteDenied complaints

The Guardian – 24 May 2014

EU citizens living in Britain have been stopped from voting after confusion over a series of registration forms. Prospective voters arrived at polling booths around the country on Thursday only to find that while they were able to vote in local elections, officials would not give them ballot papers for the continent-wide elections.”

EU citizens stopped from voting in UK after confusion over registration forms

Edinburgh Eye – 24 May 2014

“Have you heard of form UC1?

You’re not alone if you haven’t – the Electoral Commission makes no mention of it on its About My Vote website except as an “additional form”. UC1 is a form that EU citizens from outside the UK / the Republic of Ireland, have to fill in if they want to be able to vote in EU elections in the UK. It’s brand new – it seems to have been decided that this additional bureaucratic stumbling block was necessary sometime last year.”

Should the Euro Elections be declared invalid?

mapgie’s civil liberties – 24 May 2015

“On May 22 I was turned away at the polls as I had a G next to my name. I was told that I was not entitled to vote in the European election. I produced my Portuguese national ID card and they called someone at the council election office, who told them that I hadn’t returned my form in November. ​I am not registered to vote in Portugal.”

My EU vote disenfranchisement 24 May 2014 – 24 May 2014

“EU citizens denied their vote in the UK, Natasha, our Director of Policy, told the Huffington Post that “European citizens will be caught up in the massive confusion surrounding voting rights for the European election, resulting in potentially significant disenfranchisement and discouragement of participation in Europe’s largest democratic manoeuvre”

EU citizens denied their vote in the UK

Telegraph & Argus – 26 May 2014

“A German woman who has lived in the UK for nearly 30 years was barred from voting in the European elections and later told she would have to go back to Germany to vote.”

Bradford teacher told: ‘Go to Germany if you want to vote’

Eastern Daily Press 27 May 2014

“Marion Broughton’s name was crossed off a list at her polling station on Thursday, despite a call from her in the run up to the poll to check she could exercise her democratic right.”

Breckland council has been forced to apologise after a registration mix-up saw a German national in Dereham denied her Euro vote.

Yorkshire Evening Post – 28 May 2014

“A LEEDS man has been left fuming amid claims that red-tape delays left him and his partner unable to vote in the local and European elections.

James Islip, 32, from Rawdon, says he had contacted Leeds City Council on several occasions to request the relevant paperwork after moving home in October. But although his council tax payment arrangements were sorted quickly, no electoral registration forms arrived.”

‘Leeds council red-tape has denied me my right to vote’

Pole in Belfast 28 May 2014

“Because her colleague was unable to shed any light on the matter,  she looked back at me and asked where I was from. I replied that I was Polish. She looked at me blankly, studied my face and said that because of my nationality I wasn’t allowed to vote in the EU elections. I have to admit I was speechless for a second or two, but having recovered, I quickly made her aware that I had voted in the past without any problems and I didn’t understand why I wasn’t allowed this year.

She didn’t offer me any more explanation, just said that I couldn’t.”

They come ‘ere n take our votes! OR shambles during EU elections.

Ius Mosae – 1 June 2014

“With no streamlined policies regarding voter registration and submission, some European citizens will be caught up in the massive confusion surrounding voting rights for the European election, resulting in potentially significant disenfranchisement and discouragement of citizen participation in Europe’s largest democratic manoeuvre.”

You want to vote, but can you??

The Budapest Times – 6 June 2014

“One of the key sources of the problem is seen in the introduction of the “European Parliament Voter Registration Form”, otherwise known as the UC1 document. This form, used for the first time this year, was intended to prove that every EU citizen only participates in the elections in the United Kingdom and not in his or her home country. Making the submission of this document mandatory can therefore be considered a reasonable decision from the part of the authorities; the problem lies in the way they went about adding this extra step to the bureaucratic system.”

Confusion hits turnout, boosts euroscepticism

European Public Affairs – 16 July 2014

“While the number of disenfranchised citizens who have formally lodged complaints, at least in the UK where it is being collected, is far exceeding initial estimates, it is now undeniable that there is something rotten in the European Electoral processes and not just in the United Kingdom, having occurred throughout Europe in May taking a variety of forms. Not only were the democratic rights of citizens compromised, but also with this disenfranchised group consisting of the largest pro-EU demographic, which was statistically most likely to encounter voter registration problems, it no longer is a surprise that more Eurosceptic or isolationist ballots were cast in this election than ever before.”

Resisting Complacency – EU Citizens in UK Strive to Fix European Election Voting Problems