Have you been denied the vote?

Are you an EU-citizen and have you been denied the vote in the UK for the 2014 Elections for the European Parliament? Join the club.

This is site is to identify the scale of the election irregularities, the most common causes, the local authorities or wards with the most issues and anecdotal evidence of inappropriate practices by electoral offices and polling stations.

Have a look at the next steps to take if you have been the right to vote and please post your experiences below. Your email address will not be published and feel free to not use your full or real name. Detailed stories are best but if you think you might be the only Czech in Bridgwater, feel free to leave out those personally identifiable details. (More about privacy here)

4 thoughts on “Have you been denied the vote?

  1. Karin Murach

    German citizen registered on electoral register at same UK address for 30 years. Given a local election vote but denied an EU vote on the day because of the UC1 shambles.

  2. Debra Prinselaar

    I too trundled along to my polling station – I am a Dutch citizen living in UK for 34 years – but was denied what I consider to be my inalienable right to cast a vote. Something’s not right surely?

  3. Rita Jorge

    Portuguese citizen residing in the UK for the last 8 years. Blankly told I could not vote because I had a “G” next to my name, meaning that I had chosen to vote in my country of origin. That choice was never given to me and my right to vote was taken away from me without any explanation. Wrote to my Council and the electoral commission and got absolutely no answer.

  4. L.

    I have been a proud resident of the UK for many years and have my life, my friends, my business and my future in the UK. That is why I strongly feel British MEPs are best positioned to represent me in the European Parliament.

    Despite having been registered for EU elections in the UK since 2008 I had to request a form to register again. All despite this automatic removal from the electoral roll being illegal according to article 9, clause 4 of Council Directive 93/109/EC which defines the right to vote in EU elections for people across the EU.

    Having returned my UC1 form I called the LB of Hackney Electoral Office to confirm it was received and I was eligible to vote in the EU. The poll card I subsequently received in the post clearly stated I was invited to vote in both Local and EU elections. On polling day itself I was still denied the vote because I had the dreaded “G marker” against my name. Upon calling the Electoral Office they said they didn’t have my UC1 “it must have got lost in the post”. I was advised to travel abroad to vote in a country in which I am not registered to vote and which would be in breach of my declaration on the UC1 form not to vote in another country.

    An offer to come to the Hackney Electoral Office with my passport and correct their mistake was denied. This is odd as it has since become clear that people at the many other local authorities were these incidents have occurred were able to fix the issue on election day.

    I am shocked by the mess these elections have been and for me these shambles have tainted the election result.


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